The DAMSON Compiler, Emulator and Code Generator and Debugger is packaged into a single binary file available for download in binary format for 32-bit Linux and Windows (compiled using MinGW). DAMSON requires the libelf library to be installed. The runtime system is provided separately and is required to build DAMSON device binaries for loading and mapping (see the Code Generation page for details)


The damsonlib runtime environment is provided as an arm binary object.

Eclipse Plug-in

Before installing the Eclipse Plug-in you need Java and Eclipse installed on your system.

The simplest method for installation is to use the Eclipse update manager. From Eclipse select "Help->Install New Software". Add the following DAMSON Plug-in update site to the "Work with:" edit box or add the site using the "Add..." button. 

Select the DAMSON IDE plug-in as shown in the below image and proceed by selected Next to agree to the licence terms. Select "Finish" to complete the installation.

If you are unable to install using the Eclipse update site then the following plug-in packages can be downloaded manually and placed within the Eclipse "Plugins" directory. Eclipse will need to be restarted.

Mapper and Loader

The mapper and loader are available as a single binary download with support for SpiNNaker 103 and 104 devices.

damson_loader (9th February 2015)

Source Code

Source code for all parts of the damson tool-chain are available from the Bimpa Github account.

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