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Code Generator

DAMSON Code Generator
The DAMSON Code Generator is used to create a number of binary files used to later load onto SpiNNaker hardware. For each DAMSON node prototype the code generator will create a binary object file with the *.o extension. In addition to this the code generator will also produce a make file (called dmake) which will link the code generated prototype modules with the external 'damsonlib' runtime environment for SpiNNaker. Finally, a loader file (extension *.ldr) will be created which contains the data specific information required for loading a damson program to SpiNNaker. This includes information such as alias data and interrupt mappings.

Code Generating

In order to run DAMSON in code generation mode (rather than the usual emulation mode) the code generation flag (-c) is required. For example, the following will create a single prototype object, makefile and loader file in the current working directory;

damson helloworld.d -c